Ditching Booze and Going Vegan – Strangely Familiar Worlds

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Around two months ago I decided to become a vegan. This, after several years as a vegetarian before, would seem like a logical and natural step, but in fact, was never something I had considered doing before (or thought I was capable of). I mean….pizza…amirite?? Turns out… I was not right. At least, I did not feel ‘right’. After watching several documentaries and Youtube videos (such as Food Choices, What the Health, Dairy is Scary) and reading more into the dairy and egg industry in particular, I started to slowly…

Are you Joining us for YESvember?


The response from our Ocsober challenge has been so great that we have decided to keep this group open indefinitely, and run plenty of more alcohol-free challenges on there, included our next YESvember challenge, for those who want to discover the awesomeness of an alcohol-free life. So if you are keen to join us, there is a group of pretty cool humans in there ready to invite you in 😉 Here’s the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/474023982954835/?hc_location=ufi See you there!  

The Ship is On Fire

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By Kacie Stephens I was sitting on the couch—glass of wine in hand—my 4 kids with me. It was a Friday night in November last year, movie night in our house. I can’t remember what we were watching because I was never really paying attention. Also, I can’t remember how much I’d been drinking. It might have been my 2nd glass or it could have been my 3rd. Out of nowhere my 4-year-old son turned to me and said “You’re boring now mummy. You don’t have fun with us anymore.”. Kids say…

Why you Should Consider Ditching the Drink this ‘Ocsober’

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If you have been thinking about taking a short break from alcohol, or perhaps considering giving it up more long term, you have the opportunity to join thousands of others around the world in ditching alcohol for the month of October (aka Ocsober). Alcohol-free months like Ocsober, just like Dry January and Sober September are picking up in popularity, and giving the chance for people to start experimenting with alcohol-free life in manageable and bite-sized chunks. With the festive season around the corner, what better time to give your body…

Wine, Beer and Tears

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By Marcelle Pillay Oh, so many, many tears and so many, many beers, for so unnecessarily long. I was so excited when I was invited to write this piece! And then I got nervous and then I got sober and I thought “now my story is so different and is it even interesting anymore.”  And I think that is where I answered my lifelong question. You see, so much of who I was, or who I thought I was or wanted to be, was somehow tied to alcohol. It gave me…

Take the Dry Space ‘Ocsober’ Challenge!

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The silly season is around the corner and what better time to take a break from alcohol than the month of October (AKA Ocsober)! Take the Dry Space online challenge (it’s free yo!) where you’ll join thousands of others around the world in taking a break from alcohol for the month of October! Learn how to enjoy life to its fullest without alcohol, relinquish your hangover-free weekends, take back control of your health and watch how much money you can save in the process! Whats Included in the Challenge Access…

Teetotaler, Turning Thirty & Falling off a Pink Cloud

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A few weeks ago I entered into my 30’s completely sober. It had been around 18 months since I left my inebriated days behind me. OK yes…barring a failed attempt at ‘moderation’ somewhere in between, which to be honest, I don’t really count. In fact, the concept of starting from day 1 after this ‘blip’ as many treatment programmes would encourage, felt disingenuous to the 9 months of hard work I had put in before. Truth be told, my attempt at moderation was just as much a part of my…

I Stopped Drinking for One Month – This is What I Learnt

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By Carolyn Swaisland I decided to take a month off drinking. This had been something I had always wanted to do, but never felt strong enough to be able to follow through with (as concerning as that feels to type). There was always an excuse – someone’s birthday, someone’s leaving drinks, a big party, a big event, anything. Looking back, they were more than just excuses – I was scared I couldn’t follow through, and I was afraid to prove to myself (as I have in many areas of my…

What Living a Sober Life Taught Me About Simplicity

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By Robert Grobbelaar When I first entered the world of recovery I discovered an encyclopedia of catch-phrases or mantras that are used to suggest certain behaviors for a successful, happy journey to sobriety. They are largely used in treatment centers, meetings, conventions and so on. Some of them were quite clear and others I didn’t understand so much, until I reached the ‘other side’ and got sober. One such phrase is: Keep it simple. Quite easy to understand and it seems to make sense. The simpler things are the less…