Productivity Overload


OK so I’ve made it to 11 days with no booz, and really, apart from the weekend it has been a breeze. I have decided on a period of abstinence until I feel it time to start playing around with this “moderation” thing.

I have been overwhelmed with ideas surrounding Dry Space – almost feeling manic at times, my heart beating fast, my body perspirating during discussions and ideas around the concept – something is definitely happening inside me.

I am spending every spare moment devoted to the blog – researching academic articles, listening to podcasts and audio books, drawing up a business plan, putting together budgets, dusting off my PR cobwebs, drawing storyboard ideas, and of course, writing.

I am “finding my voice” (cliché vomit I know) – but after years writing hundreds of press releases, I am figuring out how to break free. And although I have written in journals my whole life, suddenly “I” feels a lot scarier when there is an audience involved. “I” feel exposed and exhilarated.

A few more things have happened since I decided to drink less which I thought I would share:

  • I’ve lost 2kgs, without trying (winning!)
  • I have spent little to no money these last few days (less Uber/ Boozing/ smashing McDonalds in my face)
  • I feel creativity oozing out of my pores – as if trapped for years
  • I want to fill up my weekends with exciting activities and adventures – usually I would be terrified of commitments on the weekends – with family or friends – knowing that a deathly hangover would always be joining for brekkie
  • I feel entrepreneurial surges rush through my body – taking me off-guard – I have no idea about starting my own “thing”? This has catapulted me into the desire to study again. Something I secret swore off a while ago.

Most importantly, I am feeling alive and free. As if the alcohol shackles have been removed, and I have regained control over my life, and what I decide to do with it.

Ah… the possibilities.




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