Good Thing I Decided Not to Start this Blog

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All of the reasons why I decided not to start this blog:

  1. I’ve been waiting for someone else to create a space like this & absorb all the unwanted attention and vulnerability that accompanies it.
  2. Having worked in PR for 5 years I am used to being behind the camera, radio interview/ article/ blog. Not in the spotlight. Vom.
  3. I’ve secretly been waiting to stop drinking alcohol before embarking on this – so I could be the poster child of success and responsible living. But erm…that doesn’t seem to be happening. Only way I’m gonna start this conversation is as I am. A bit drunk and disorderly sometime, but trying to become more aware and present of this regardless.
  4. Blog…ugh. The thought of it makes me kinda nauseous…but essentially I have to embrace the inner-millennial in me and adapt as this seems to be the way to reach people, and build like-minded communities.

So, yeah, guess its a good thing I never went through with it. Phew.


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