Time to Get LOKOH!


LOKOH is a collective with a vision to empower the community through alternative gatherings, platforms and workshops – all in unique ways. Born in Cape Town early last year, LOKOH aims to experiment with different ways of bringing people together to connect! Inspired by various movements around the world and local influencers, LOKOH hopes to bring something different to the table.


The first LOKOH Awakenings have launched in Cape Town with the aim to provide platforms for young creatives, subject experts, healers, foodies and the like to showcase their offering!

Awakenings embrace the early hours of the morning to ensure LOKOH lovers start the day on a (natural) high! Imagine an early morning bash incorporating all sorts of goodness such as music; dance; yoga (sometimes with roaring laughter); breakfast bowls; raw cacao shots; massage; delicious cold brew coffee & live performances.

LOKOH Awakenings are for everyone with a particular focus on family and community. They encourage kids and parents to dance together – all members of the family are invited to this party. The Awakenings are greatly inspired by the sober raving movement currently taking the world by storm. A movement that provides a party away from the regular ‘evils’ of the party scene, the stimulants (and confidence boosters which we think we need) like alcohol or drugs – allowing people to interact in an authentic state. Not only does this relieve the sober folk of feelings of social hibernation but it also unites people in a way that allows for connection on a far deeper level – with no late nights or hangovers as a bonus! No hangover? #winningatlife.


Morning Gloryville, the pioneers of the morning sober rave community in London and one that LOKOH founders have been personally involved in, form a big part of the inspiration for the movement in SA. Morning Gloryville started in 2013 as an alternative to the drug and alcohol-fueled parties. Its introduction as a once a month pre-work sober rave where people would dance in glitter-infused, unicorn-crazed outfits took the city slickers by surprise but soon all personalities were hooked. From baker to banker, lawyer to life coach, you do not need to be a ‘hippy’ to enjoy this morning rave. The vibe is genuinely welcoming with an incredible childlike innocence radiating out of all that attend. MGV is about being as weird as you want; embracing your inner child and leaving your insecurities and fears at the door. The hours which follow an MGV rave are never ordinary – pumped with love and magic ravers are found to be singing Bob Marley in the London underground; zooming to work energized by the natural highs that come with the ripple effect of an early morning sober connection.

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All-in-all LOKOH provides an exciting and fresh new way to start the day! Intrigued?

Check out the next LOKOH AWAKENING event:


When: Sunday 03 April. 9am-12pm.

Where: Woodstock, Cape Town  – No. 89 Sir Lowry Road.

What to expect: Be prepared to hear interesting discussions; great tunes and live drumming; partake in laughter yoga and movement as well as indulge in cacao shots; healthy treats and other delicious breakfast bowls – energizing your day by starting it the right way!

LOKOH has plenty up their sleeves so be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to be kept in the loop. As a collaborative collective they are always looking for interested parties to join their ever-expanding LOKOH family. If you would like to get in touch you can send a mail to info@lokohlove.com.

Follow LOKOH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @lokohlove for news on their latest events and happenings.


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  1. charlotte

    When is there an event in Jhb?

    1. Hi Charlotte – I’ve asked the LOKOH team when they will be coming to Jozi – hopefully soon;) We will organise a Dry Space event in May/ June however so keep posted! 🙂

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