Weekend MOJO Juice!


OK so everybody hates the word mock-tail. Its no secret. So instead, I think we should all leave this word behind, along with all its negative-Nancy connotations.

It’s time for something new. It’s time for MOJO Juice!

MOJO Juice comes in all shapes and sizes. From fruit-filled fantasies, creamy-coconut concoctions or decadent dessert in a cup, it’s time to broaden our beverage horizons and expand our pallets with these non-alcoholic bevvies!

Over the next few weeks I shall be sourcing MOJO Juice recipes and ideas and posting them here to spark inspiration.

One of my favourite finds of the moment are Gudgu infused cordials – which have both sugar-sweetened and sugar-free options. I opted for the sugar-free Turkish Delight and the Elber Flower Cordials which I bought at Fuel Food in Hyde Park Shopping Center in Jozi. Although R135 a pop might initially have seemed on the steeper side of things, one bottle is enough to make at least 20 glasses of MOJO Juice, which is a lot cheaper than what 20 boozy drinks would set you back! (the sugar option is half the price 😉 )



I decided to experiment on some recipes this week and found these two to be AMAZING!

1460048923905Turkish Delight, Raspberry + Mint 

  • Sparking water
  • Cap of Turkish Delight cordial
  • Few sprigs of mint
  • Ice
  • Bobs your uncle


Elder Flower, Ginger and Cucumber

  • Sparking water
  • Cap of Elder Flower cordial
  • 3/4 Sliced cucumbers
  • Sliced fresh ginger
  • Ice
  • So few ingredients – too good to be true??


Best part of these are they are simple, delicious, and are generally not accompanied by a massive LC (loser complex) in the morning.

For those who cannot get Gudgu cordials – do some research in your area, or speak to specialized liquor stores if they stock any of these or something similar, and experiment with your own recipes!

Do you have an idea for a MOJO Juice recipe? Send it to dryspaceblog@gmail.com 🙂 

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    Love the name MOJO Juice!! Get your MOJO back. Cool and clever!!

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