Raise the Legal Drinking Age to 21 in SA? SA has 5 Days to Comment


The South African public has 5 more days to comment on the new National Liquor Amendment Bill which the Department of Trade and Industry has put forward (link to Bill here: http://www.gov.za/sites/www.gov.za/files/40319_gon1206.pdf)

SA has one of the highest level of alcohol consumption around the world, some of the highest levels of foetal alcohol syndrome and well as a massive 41% of injuries are related to the consumption of alcohol. Not to mention the crazy death tolls around Easter. But somehow, along the way, we decided this was normal, and OK.

Essentially the new bill purports for several more restrictions in terms of the sale of alcohol, the age limit, marketing thereof and accountability for negligence in the following ways:

  • Increase the Alcohol drinking age to 21
  • Under 21 can drink moderate under supervision of adults
  • Sale of Alcohol is prohibited on any location that is less than five hundred (500) metres away from schools, place of worship, recreational facilities, rehabilitation or treatment centres, residential areas, public institutions and other like amenities.
  • More strict regulation of licensing: if damage is caused from the consumption in those unlicensed outlets, the manufacturers and suppliers would have to show that they took reasonable steps to ensure
  • Civil Liability: Retailers selling to underage drinkers will be held responsible for the injury/ harm/ of individual
  • Clamp down on liquor advertising: Any alcohol-related adverts will have to indicate the harmful effects of alcohol,  while radio and television ads will only be allowed to air in allocated time slots

Now, whilst you may or may not agree with certain more contentious items being put forward (i.e. the increase of age limit) – there are several more obvious and positive aspect that you might agree with  – so please ensure you clearly state the items you are for and against and try not to get derailed on one aspect only. 

How you can comment: 

Send an email with your comments/ feedback/ suggestions to:

Name: Ms Nkoe Ramphele

Email: NRamphele@thedti.gov.za

Heading: Comment on National Liquor Amendment Bill

Deadline: 30 October

Let’s be lekker and strive for more responsive drinking in SA.

It takes 5 minutes.


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