Recovery Coaching – Are you Ready to Make the Change?

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Similar to a Life or Business coach, a Recovery Coaching is a professional coach who is actively involved in assisting you clarify and reach goals in the recovery space – be it to drink less or stop drinking completely, move away from addictive behaviors, manage your triggers, improve relationships in your personal and profession life and move towards a life of meaning, happiness and personal alignment.

Are you ready for Recovery Coaching?  

  • You would like to make various changes in your personal or professional life
  • You would like guidance on how to identify and achieve your goals
  • You would like to address problematic behaviors or addictions before they become more serious
  • You are currently in or would like to be in recovery
  • You would like to learn to overcome any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals
  • You would like to learn how to identify and manage trigger situations when they arise
  • You are committed to being fully honest in the process and committing to any homework assignments
  • You are ready to not be a victim of your past trauma or pain, and move forward in life with happiness and success

When Recovery Coaching might not be suitable for you at this time: 

  • You are currently in a medical treatment facility or programme
  • You are needing to process and address more past issues deeper which might require seeing a counselor or psychologist
  • You are looking for quick fix advice or for someone to tell  you what to do
  • You are not ready, willing or eager to do the work required to change your life yet

For more information or to book a Skype coaching session please feel free to drop me a mail at or request a booking HERE.

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