My Magical World of Hoopdance

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By Jovanka Gouvea

There are many reasons why people drink. It (temporarily) enhances your mood, acts as a stress reliever, builds your self confidence, is socially acceptable, a means of escape from reality, helps you forget about your problems and is seen as fun.

In my experience, however, I have managed to find something that has given me all of these same effects, and more, in a way that not only keeps me fit, but puts me in touch with my inner child.

My magical world of Hoopdance.

Hula-hooping is my sanctuary, my movement meditation, its where I download from my day and consciously escape. I put on my favourite song and become a disco dancer, in my lounge, or take off my shoes and get grounded and dance in the park or beach.

Hooping uses both left and right side of the brain and body improving strength and balance, making it impossible to hoop dance with a glass of wine as your hands will be busy, passing and tossing the hoop, while I learn new tricks and challenges strengthening my brain and balancing my body.

Hooping allows me to trim excess fat around the mid section, when I hoop and increase my heart rate, Neuro chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine rise in my body and make me feel ‘oh so good’ while dancing around in my hoop.

When my mind and body are in balance…so is my life.

Through hooping, I still get to experience a temporary escape, with the world spinning around me, but in a healthier way (and one that does not involve a hangover). It also acts as a de-stressor as it massages the major organ in my body, the intestines.

Creative inspiration, truth and destiny are all revealed when are lives are in balance and in flow. Giving myself permission to rest and play to let my mind and heart rejuvenate is a must in order to realise my greatest potential. It’s when I let go, absorbed in a moment of pure play, relaxation, connection with nature, laughter, life or people that the messages of the Universe rises up to meet me.

When I become open and receptive  I am creating pathways where there were once closed doors.

Allowing myself to explore this, to be patient and compassionate with myself and to nurture myself daily are not luxuries in my life, they are part of my destiny to simply…be.

When I am relaxing and playing I am engaged in the here and am more open to the ideas that come to me.

There is so much power in knowing that in my life there is so much to create.

When I dance through life like a child, engaged in activities that truly delight me, I am opening my mind and heart to the essence of pure consciousness.

Cultivating my creativity through pure simple sober joy.

Within each of us is an artist, a dreamer, a creator.

Let that rise within you.

Come play.

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