10 Festive Season Drinking Tips and Preparation for Dry January

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With many individuals around the globe planning on taking part in Dry January, for some, this can serve as an excuse to go over the top, and drink excessively in December. Instead, we would like to encourage everyone who plans to do this, to use the December period as a time to start gently easing into mindful drinking behavior, and to start 2018 on a positive note!

We’ve put together a few simple tips on how to thrive in this period alcohol-free, or successfully moderating! Here we go!

1o tips on getting through the festive season alcohol-free or drinking moderately:

  1. Be prepared! Stock the fridge up with non-alcohol beers, drinks or tonics and ensure you stick with these where you can, or alternate with these between alcohol drinks
  2. Spritz it up! Drink LOTS of water or sparking water between drinks to keep hydrated.
  3. Fake it! Don’t be afraid to fool others by thinking you are drinking when you are not! Do this by keeping your glass filled with something that looks like alcohol (i.e. alcohol free beer/ shandy/ lime and soda water)
  4. Be aware of ‘day drinking‘. This often leads to excessive drinking throughout the night – see if you can rule out day drinking and only have your first glass of alcohol in the evening
  5. Designated Dave. Be the designated driver – this will give you a reason to not drink, and give you an excuse when others hassle you!
  6. Save cash! Put the money away that you would have spent on alcohol in Dec – and use it towards holiday money or on a treat for yourself (i.e. Spa / getting your hair done, buying yourself something nice)
  7. Stand your ground. Just because other people want you to drink as excessively as they are – THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Be firm and stand your ground with a smile! 🙂
  8. Prepare for ‘triggers’.  Prepare yourself AHEAD of time for certain trigger situations, or people that you will be around. Walk through how you are going to handle these situations ahead of time, to manage your reactions.
  9. Be accountable: How will you remain accountable to your goals in December? Do you have a friend, spouse or family member that you can check in with on this from time to time? If not you can check in on the My Dry Space Facebook support group from time to time on how you are going!
  10. Avoid the regrets! Do not start 2018 with regrets. Start off with PRIDE and motivation for moving forward. You do not need to hit rock bottom before you start to make a change in your drinking patterns!

For those looking at starting 2018 afresh – with a new and healthier perspective on alcohol, or those who want to eliminate drinking for a period of time, or for good, we are running another free online alcohol-free challenge on the My Dry Space Facebook Group for Dry January!

Why join the Dry January challenge group?

  • It’s private 🙂 Our Facebook support group posts are only visible to group members
  • It’s so much easier when it’s not on your own! Get encouragement and support from a very cool group of folk on the group!
  • Get exposure to informative videos, blogs and articles to assist you in reducing or stopping drinking
  • Learn about tools to help you during stressful and ‘trigger’ times
  • For those who need some more 1-on-1 support, get access to discounted individual Skype support coaching sessions

See you in January & have a safe and beautiful festive season!

Are you looking for one-on-one coaching & support to help you quit drinking or address unhealthy behaviour patterns? Book a free 30 minute meet & greet online coaching session with me at www.about.me/andreasmit and let’s start the conversation 😉

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