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Consumed. Coming out (the pantry) on my battle with dieting & binge eating.

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Having just got back from holiday after a few weeks of the ‘silly season’, I feel a sigh of relief to be back home, back in a familiar environment and back in ‘routine’. The holiday have been beautiful and relaxing in ways, with a lot of peaceful time to myself, but then also many times where it was more frenetic and stressful, being constantly surrounded by friends, family…and of course…food…everywhere. The holidays are often filled with a barrage of triggers – which end in drinking too much, eating too much,…

Ditching Booze and Going Vegan – Strangely Familiar Worlds

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Around two months ago I decided to become a vegan. This, after several years as a vegetarian before, would seem like a logical and natural step, but in fact, was never something I had considered doing before (or thought I was capable of). I mean….pizza…amirite?? Turns out… I was not right. At least, I did not feel ‘right’. After watching several documentaries and Youtube videos (such as Food Choices, What the Health, Dairy is Scary) and reading more into the dairy and egg industry in particular, I started to slowly…

The Ship is On Fire

ship on fire

By Kacie Stephens I was sitting on the couch—glass of wine in hand—my 4 kids with me. It was a Friday night in November last year, movie night in our house. I can’t remember what we were watching because I was never really paying attention. Also, I can’t remember how much I’d been drinking. It might have been my 2nd glass or it could have been my 3rd. Out of nowhere my 4-year-old son turned to me and said “You’re boring now mummy. You don’t have fun with us anymore.”. Kids say…

Teetotaler, Turning Thirty & Falling off a Pink Cloud

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A few weeks ago I entered into my 30’s completely sober. It had been around 18 months since I left my inebriated days behind me. OK yes…barring a failed attempt at ‘moderation’ somewhere in between, which to be honest, I don’t really count. In fact, the concept of starting from day 1 after this ‘blip’ as many treatment programmes would encourage, felt disingenuous to the 9 months of hard work I had put in before. Truth be told, my attempt at moderation was just as much a part of my…

Alcohol-Free Dating and Sex…In the City

AF Dating V2

In my 17 odd months of (mostly) sober living, I have discovered a whole new fascinating world that is alcohol-free (AF) dating! Before my more AF days, dating was everything and anything but free from booze, nor was it really ‘dating’. Instead, this usually entailed meeting some guy at a bar, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and shouting conversation over blaring renditions of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Drink after drink would be consumed and the night would become blurrier and blurrier and then sometimes even fade completely as periods of blackouts…

That Time I Slipped and Ate a Moderate Piece of Humble Pie

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Warning: this blog may contain strong language. Reader discretion is advised. Fuck. Recently I did that thing I wasn’t supposed to do. That thing I blog about not doing, the thing I speak about constantly and research endlessly. I got white-girl wasted. If you have been following my blogs you would have read that I have been practicing ‘moderation management’ for the last few months, and that it’s been going really well. You would have also found a bunch of useful tips I prescribed for drinking moderately – including diluting…

That Alcohol Moderation Thing

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We’ve all heard the term ‘everything in moderation’ countless times. But, when we really look into this notion – we find that this is generally not what many people believe. I mean, this doesn’t really apply when we talk about taking certain drugs such as heroin or crack does it? What about alcohol? Can alcohol be consumed and enjoyed moderately? What about people with alcohol dependencies or ‘alcoholism’? The word ‘moderation’ in the recovery world seems to be one that is often quickly scurried out of the conversation and dismissed…

9 Months off the Booze Bandwagon – Things to Expect

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Having recently just ended a 9 month period of alcohol-free living and stepping into the ‘moderation’ game, it’s only fitting that I feel a re-birth of sorts. Emerging with a new sense of self, of identity, of habits and ideas after a warm and fuzzy sober incubation period, I feel like a tiny, screaming, distressed little baby, entering a scary new world again. It’s been a fascinating process full of ups and downs. But before I get into my experiences of drinking again, I thought I might share a few…