My Magical World of Hoopdance

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By Jovanka Gouvea There are many reasons why people drink. It (temporarily) enhances your mood, acts as a stress reliever, builds your self confidence, is socially acceptable, a means of escape from reality, helps you forget about your problems and is seen as fun. In my experience, however, I have managed to find something that has given me all of these same effects, and more, in a way that not only keeps me fit, but puts me in touch with my inner child. My magical world of Hoopdance. Hula-hooping is…

WORKSHOP: Self-Connection: Finding Treasure in Triggers – 22 July


if you are based in Johannesburg or surrounding areas please join us for our first workshop event on Saturday the 22nd July! The event will be hosted by myself, Andrea, Dry Space founder and Tertia Smit of Alchemy Consulting and Coaching, and will focus around self-connection and connection to others. It will also be a discussion around identifying certain triggers in your life, be it in your workplace, inter-personal or personal lives, and how to develop the awareness and skills to successfully overcome them, and ultimately find the ‘treasure’ available in these times.…

How I Stopped Drinking and Started Living

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By Robert Grobbelaar I don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits all solution for getting sober. We’re all so different and are in different circumstances and what worked for me may not work for another. It only makes sense that each of us will have to find a path that suits our lives. If you ask me how I did it I am still a little baffled and feel so utterly blessed! I do however think that some principles were key to me getting clean and sober, and they could…

Recovery Coaching – Are you Ready to Make the Change?

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WHAT IS RECOVERY COACHING? Similar to a Life or Business coach, a Recovery Coaching is a professional coach who is actively involved in assisting you clarify and reach goals in the recovery space – be it to drink less or stop drinking completely, move away from addictive behaviors, manage your triggers, improve relationships in your personal and profession life and move towards a life of meaning, happiness and personal alignment. Are you ready for Recovery Coaching?   You would like to make various changes in your personal or professional life…

From Whiskey to Water by Sam Cowen – Review


If you are based in South Africa you most probably would have seen the SA Bestseller book ‘From Whiskey to Water’, by 702 radio host Sam Cowen, on shelves these past few weeks. I recently got gifted this book for Christmas (thanks mom!) and thought I would give a quick review for those who might be keen to give it a read. The tell-all book, sees Cowen publicly open up about being an alcoholic and her decision to put down the bottle 14 years ago. The journey that ultimately follows…

Spring Reboot Part 2: Food Glorious Food!


Week 2 of the Seasonal Cookery Spring Reboot programme was full of ups and downs. During this week we focused on really getting down to the basics – eliminating all our snag foods and getting settled into eating as ‘naturally’ as possible. And although it was a challenging time, with some pretty intense food cravings, I threw myself head-first in creating ethical, gentle-on-the-body delicious and satisfactory foods – and a whole new world of food and flavours started opening up! Some things I learnt in week 2: Getting to know where to…

11 Things You Miss When You Stop Drinking

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It’s been 6 months today since I decided to stop drinking alcohol. Crack the champers! (Um…jokes) It’s weird I guess…alcohol-free living has just become a normal part of my life and although this has not been remotely as challenging as I thought it would be, it is not without its hurdles along the way. While the benefits of not drinking far outweigh the costs (some of which you can read in some of my other blog posts) I do feel there is value in acknowledging and sharing the things that…

JHB Meet-up – Picnic with a touch of Madness, 12 June

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If you are based in JHB (or surrounding areas) and would like a chance to let your hair down with a bunch of other young folks (without the hangovers) then join us on the 12th of June at the Sandton Field and Study for a Picnic with a touch of Madness! What to Bring: • Yourself • Friends/family or come solo • Your dog if you wish • Games/activities such as hula hoop/ frisbee if you want • Delicious food and non-alcohol drinks (to share) • A dash of CRAZY to your outfit – hats/ feather boas/…

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